Photo Gallery

Surfrider Lake McCarrons 2011

Surfrider:Barefoot Wine Phalen Lake 2011

Surfrider:Barefoot Wine Como Lake 2012

Surfrider:Walker Art Center:Josh Radin Concert 2012

Surfrider:Barefoot Wine, Hunter PR 2012

Surfrider:Alliance for the Great Lakes:UMD RSOP 2013

Surfrider:Alliance for the Great Lakes, Lake Superior, Lester river 2013

Surfrider, Josh Radin 2012

Surfrider Surfing Lake Superior

Surfrider Lake Superior

Surfrider International Surfing Day, Lake Nokomis 2012

Surfrider International Surfing Day, Lake Calhoun 2013

Surfrider Phalen Lake 2010

Surfrider Mille Lacs Lake 2011

Surfrider Park Point-Lake Superior 2010

Surfrider Crew 2010

Superior Photo Gallery






1. Boards in the snow
2. John Hatcher at Stoney Point
3. Keith Hatcher at Lester River South Side
4. Joel Roberts with kid surfer, Park Point
5. Scott Laderman, Lester River
6. John Hatcher, Lester River
7. Stoney Point
8. Shane Sjogren, Stoney Point
9. Erik Wilkie, Stoney Point
10. Jersey Markus, Stoney Point
11. Brian Stabinger, Park Point

All photos in Superior Photo Gallery by Bob Tema and Brian Stabinger.